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Hair Drug Testing

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Your hair keeps a detailed permanent record of your history of drug usage. When you use marijuana for example, the THC enters your blood as metabolites, blood vessels then carry those metabolites to the head where it will get filtered through your hair, those metabolites containing THC will remain in your hair showing long term drug usage. All drugs will end up as toxins in blood, where they will be filtered out in your hair growth, and can be tested for drug use.

How to pass a hair test

Various myths on how to pass a hair drug test have been circulating internet forums and blogs for years, and we'd like to dispel that false information surrounding hair follicle drug testing and provide you the correct information and products needed for passing a hair test. Passing hair drug test is important for maintaining your privacy and getting or keeping that job.

As with all drug tests, there are real solutions to passing a hair drug test. Our products are formulated and specifically designed to assist people in passing a hair follicle drug test. There are two types of hair detoxification products we offer, Ultra Cleanse Detox Shampoo cleans drug toxins from your hair for up to 24 hours, and Get Clean Shampoo mask the drug toxins in your hair up to five hours. We recommend should purchase our Hair Detox Value Pack and use both products together to guarantee hair passing results.

What Is a Hair Drug Test?

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Any drugs used will end up as toxins in a person's blood, hair growth is fed by the bloodstream, and about 5-7 days after use, the portion of hair affected by the drug use will grow out the scalp and can be analyzed for drug use.

When you go to a collection center they will collect anywhere from 50 to 120 strands of hair from your head and send it to testing center. At the testing center the hair will be dissolved in various solvents to release all the drug toxins present for analysis. Hair drug testing is much more expensive than traditional urine test and cost anywhere from $150-$300 to perform. This testing method has become very popular among a small group of companies and industries since it is able to show long term drug usage.

Hair Detox Times
½" of hair 30 Days
1" of hair 30 Days
1 ½" of hair 90 Days
2" of hair 120 Days
2 ½" of hair 150 Days
3" of hair 180 Days

Hair Drug Test FAQ

Hair Drug Testing Frequently Asked Questions

What type of drugs do hair test detect?

Hair drug test can detect almost all drugs used. This test is more expensive than a typical urine test, but it is being used to check for long term drug use.

How long can my hair show drug usage?

You hair can give a detailed record of your past drug history from 90 days to a lifetime, the longer your hair, the longer record of drug use.

Can I just rinse my hair in bleach to clean it of drug toxins?

This is a rumor that has been circulating for a long time and it does not work.

How fast does hair grow?

Hair from your head grows on average about 0.5 inches (1.3cm) per month. Body hair does not grow at the same rate as hair on your head, body hair grows at slower rate.

Can’t I just shave my head so they can’t test it for drug toxins?

That is the worst thing you can do. If you shave your head before a drug test you will raise suspicions, also various people have reported they have been terminated for shaving their hair before a drug hair test. Some employers or testing labs will treat body shaving as a refusal to test.

Does it matter what type of hair I have?

Yes it does, if you have longer hair or thicker hair, you may need two bottles.

Why doesn’t the Get Clean Shampoo come with a guarantee?

New hair test standards have reduced the cut-off to 0.1ng, so Get Clean Shampoo may not be as effective and is not guaranteed. That is why we recommend you use the Hair Detox Value Pack.